Get on the Floor Dance Company is Chicago's "new kid on the block" when it comes to providing top-notch ballroom dance instruction. GTF Dance Co. specializes in private ballroom instruction either taught in the great studio location (3868 N. Lincoln Ave. 2nd Floor, Chicago) or at a location conveniently determined by our client, whether it be a party room or ballroom in your condo building, a space in your home, or a community center you have access to.  Our goal is to individualize each client's experience by planning their lessons around their dance goals. We know it is difficult to commit to a new hobby because of time and work constraints, so our goal is to make our students' learning experience as convenient and enjoyable as it can be.  Our goal is to provide you with a truly unique and individualized private lesson experience. Together with your GTF Dance Co. instructor, a goal-oriented and personalized plan will be put together to meet you on your dance journey.


In addition to your private instruction, Get on the Floor Dance Co. sponsors monthly parties, community events, group classes and nights out on the town where we will show you how to practically put your dancing to use in actual social environments. It is our goal to help you learn the fastest, easiest and most exciting way possible. Dance lessons are an investment in adding more joy to your life. We look forward to showing you just how Get on the Floor Dance Company does that unlike anyone else!  Just buckle up and enjoy the ride!


All Get on the Floor instructors are trained under the National Dance Council of America dance standards and DVIDA syllabus, and are required to take certification exams that ensure they keep up with their dance and teaching knowledge. Our staff is also trained "outside the box," as we believe it not only takes a great dancer, but also a great teacher to help students learn. We guarantee top-notch, professional instruction at Get on the Floor Dance Company.


Get on the Floor Dance Company also specializes in unique private or corporate event, thrown at a location determined by our client, or at one of the locations out of whih we teach - Dance Center Chicago or the Center on Halsted. These 2 hour events are a fantastic alternative to the average cocktail party. 


Get on the Floor Dance Company's mission is to ensure that EVERYONE can have a great time using what they learned on their lessons to help them dance on every dance floor they may encounter in life.

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